Turnbuckles – Rigging Screws – Bottlescrews

A turnbuckle is used for tensioning wire rope to which one end of the turnbuckle is attached. The other end of the turnbuckle is attached to a fixed surface.
A turnbuckle can also be called a bottlescrew (which has a closed body around the screws) or a rigging screw.
In Australia a turnbuckle usually refers to an open body rigging device where you can see into the frame and view the two opposing screws.
Turnbuckles provide tension by rotating the turnbuckle body that surrounds 2 opposite threaded screws or eye bolts so that the two ends, one of which is usually attached to wire rope, can be brought closer together to tension or moved further apart to slacken.
Only the housing is rotated while the screws and wire rope stay fixed and do not twist or rotate.
Below are detailed product pages with photo enlargements and more information including the range of different sizes and exact dimensions for each stainless steel turnbuckle listed below.

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