Bridco B40 Stainless Steel Cleaner

Bridco stainless steel cleaner B40 is a mixture of acids, selected solvents and surfactants specially designed to remove tea staining and grout from stainless steel stanchions, rails, stainless steel wire rope etc.
B40 will not corrode stainless steel nor will it turn green or brown as hydrochloric based cleaners will.
*A hazardous goods surcharge of +50% is applied to all freight costs for B40.
A standard box contains 6 x 500ml spray bottles (Hazardous Cargo).
20 litre containers are also available.

Find Bridco B40 Stainless Steel Cleaner on page 149 of the Bridco Catalogue (PDF).

ENVIRONMENT Distance from beachfront or sheltered bay Cleaning interval
Mild 15km+ Every 12 months
Moderate 1 – 15km Every 4-6 months
Marine/Industrial/Urban 500m – beachfront / 100m – 1km – sheltered bay Every 3 months
Sever Marine/Industrial/Busy Urban 500m – beachfront / 100m – sheltered bay Weekly
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