Bridco B42 Stainless Steel Polish

Bridco B42 stainless steel polish is specially designed to remove tea staining and fine scratches from stainless steel railings and fittings, etc.
B42 deposits a protective low surface energy, water resistant layer which repels water and air borne contaminants for several months before re-application may be required.
Standard box contains 15 x 250ml containers.

Find Bridco B42 Stainless Steel Polish on page 149 of the Bridco Catalogue (PDF).

ENVIRONMENT Distance from beachfront or sheltered bay Cleaning interval
Mild 15km+ Every 12 months
Moderate 1 – 15km Every 4-6 months
Marine/Industrial/Urban 500m – beachfront / 100m – 1km – sheltered bay Every 3 months
Sever Marine/Industrial/Busy Urban 500m – beachfront / 100m – sheltered bay Weekly
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